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Elyasin letter

In the name of God who created human free and in the name of Freedom


This is a request from some of the liberals and it needs to be considered immediately since it is for helping some men and women who have been exposed to worst villainy for months.
We, as a large group of cultural and civil activists of Iran, and based on authentic and credible proofs, documents and news, announce that the suppressions of cultural Al-Qaeda of Iran has been reached to an acute and criminal point.


The confidential letter to the leader of Iran

In the name of God
My name is Peyman Fattahi in birth certificate but people know me as Elias (Iliya) Ramollah. It is the name I know myself, too. I have been under the most dreadful strange tortures in 209 section of Evin prison and I was asked constantly to deny my past and all my activities and achievements to rescue my students, my wife and my family from death and severe tortures in prison. They asked me to write confessions about my purposes, my morality, and my financial affairs based on what the interrogators dictated to me.


The first open letter from El-Yasin Community to the leaders of Iran and the World

September, 2007
(Four months after Master Eliya’s first arrest and imprisonment)
Greetings to the injustice fighting people of Iran
Greetings to all the justice seeking people of the world
The world hails righteous governors and rulers


The second manifesto of El-Yasin Community- 2009

In the name of truth and freedom
The second manifesto of El-Yasin Community- 2009

Despite of passing 50 days from second illegal arrest and imprisonment of Master Iliya Ramollah on Jan 16th, 2009, the security agents of DARRM still do not give permission to his family visit him.
The news leaked out of 209 ward of Evin prison signifies that he is bleeding again. Last year his bleeding started when he was in Evin prison and it continued for months. It is said that the cause of the bleeding was suspicious injections.


To UN general Secretary

November 20, 2008
To UN general Secretary

Dear respected Mr. Ban ki-moon,

We are a group of members of El-Yasin, the greatest NGO in Middle East with about 200,000 members in IRAN and out of IRAN, which work to reach the spiritual liberty in society. El-Yasin NGO was established in 1996 and since then it has been working officially without any political activity since we are not a political group or party.The leader of El-Yasin NGO, Master ILIYA, from the very first activities has had many public speech sessions. The axis of his speech turned around thinking and dynamic spirituality and little by little till 2005, the number of his eager audiences grows up in a way that even the biggest stadiums in Tehran were not big enough for hosting this vast number of people.


The letter of some members of El-Yasin Community to the authorities of Islamic Republic of Iran

The followed letter is written by the editorial board of “The Motivators” magazine (the first professional magazine about the science of thinking in Iran, this magazine is related to El-Yasin Community), which was sent at the second half of year 2005 to the center in charge in order to object the suppression of this magazine and to ask for reconsideration of this problem


First manifesto of El-Yasin community, 1387

In The Name of Freedom
"He, who is against people and the enemy of God's creatures, is against God and enemy of God. He, who betrays the nation, betrays God."
                                                                                                 "Iliya Mim Ramollah"

Once again, Master Iliya and some other members of El-Yasin community were arrested illegally without any subpoenas or legal permission and again without presenting clear reasons and provable charges by the secret agents of DAARM[1] on Wednesday Jan 16th 2009.

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