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To UN general Secretary

November 20, 2008
To UN general Secretary

Dear respected Mr. Ban ki-moon,

We are a group of members of El-Yasin, the greatest NGO in Middle East with about 200,000 members in IRAN and out of IRAN, which work to reach the spiritual liberty in society. El-Yasin NGO was established in 1996 and since then it has been working officially without any political activity since we are not a political group or party.The leader of El-Yasin NGO, Master ILIYA, from the very first activities has had many public speech sessions. The axis of his speech turned around thinking and dynamic spirituality and little by little till 2005, the number of his eager audiences grows up in a way that even the biggest stadiums in Tehran were not big enough for hosting this vast number of people.

The wonderful great speeches of Master ILIYA and the cultural products  of his students during these years has caused a lot of thinking and spiritual developments among the audiences who were majority from public, the youth, university students,  writers, and people of culture, writers and thinkers.

But from those very first years, some of secret departments of security offices have started acting against us. They've nicknamed our great Master in public issues and news papers Second Gandhi, USA Agent, Luthar, Second ring of Osho Rajnish and Krishna Morthy, Magician of 21st Century, American Cultural Leader etc.

These secret departments of government dependents aimed a complete control of every thing in area of culture and religion to use religious affairs in such an instrumental way to reach their own power-seeking goals.

Little by little we found out that the reason for the violent security attitude against Master ILIYA and El-Yasin NGO roots from the dark ideology of the Society of combatant clergy to use religion in an ample mental way. Those who follow this ideology do not accept any enlightenment in district of religion and culture and are not able to tolerate anyone or any groups to advertise and work on liberty of spirituality and religion pluralism.

On May 28th 2007, Master ILIYA was arrested and imprisoned based on decision and order of some of the dominant religious characters( leaded by Ayatollah Mahdavi-Kani). Our popular and favorite Master was sent to 206 ward of Evin prison in an individual cell for six months. 206 ward of Evin prison is the most infamous ward of Evin and in this ward; the worst mental and physical tortures are a part of every day fixed rubric.

During this six months of illegal imprisonment, Master ILIYA was under the most violent and cruel mental and physical tortures. On that time, almost every day we heard very painful news about his nose and ear bleeding, having bloody urine, suspicious toxic injections, bloody vomiting and so on. These reports were sent out of prison by some of the imprisoners who were at the same ward with our Master. Even after our Master was freed temporary on a very heavy bail, his suspicious bleedings continued and the doctors were worried about the results of his blood tests.

It is a long time the news of these kinds is kept hidden from media and press by the religion circle of Intelligence service. The news which show and prove the reversal of human rights and conducting of criminal inhuman plans by the religious Al-Qaida of IRAN.

So far, no legal governmental organization or group has supported Master ILIYA except his students and followers. Luckily he has lots of followers who have been supporting him in form of hundreds of parallel groups and centers. Of course this form of support from public has made his enemies very angry and as a result they put very severe pressures on him.

These kinds of news about our Master ILIYA are revealed recently after the last repeal session to one of the offices of Ministry of security. Master ILIYA was repealed more than thirty times after finishing the time of imprisonment. We were unaware of such happenings as they forced him to treat all his torture reports as security news!! but in his last repeal session on October 20 th-2008, the inhuman agents of security offices, attacked and hit him severely with heavy kicks and punches, electrical shocker and stick which results in widespread bleedings and He was hospitalized due to skull hits. Therefore the news was revealed and made us determined to defend our great Master seriously and internationally.

What you see in the list below is a brief headline form notice which shows the most dominant cases of human right violations against El-Yasin NGO and its young leader Master ILIYA in order of happening to let you know more about the reason of our complaint letter to you.


1.       Blocking of four legal magazines without providing any legal justification.

2.       Stopping the work of four active Book-publishers.

3.       Prohibiting hundreds of researches and completions to be published.

4.       Chasing and threatening top members of El-Yasin NGO and their families and in some cases firing them from their workplaces

5.       Not letting to take part in international fairs and exhibitions to show our cultural products.

6.       Providing mental plat and pen attacks in their Talibanic press, like Keyhan newspaper, before providing any legal and real documents.

7.       Threatening the supports of Master ILIYA by the religious radicals related to IRAN Government.

8.       Closing all El-Yasin offices and NGOs without showing any legal permission.

9.       Confiscating all the properties of El-Yasin.

10.   Eaves dropping all the telephone conversations and controlling all the internal and external relations of El-Yasin without any legal permission.

11.   Conducting a project to make private plaintiff and false and sham evidences against Master ILIYA and El-Yasin NGO .This project was first conducted by Keyhan newspaper which is related to religious radicals and Intelligence service but fortunately they could not succeed in it.

12.   Physical encounter with Master during one of his speeches in a big stadium which was not successful due to his students supports.

13.   Arresting Master ILIYA, the leader of El-Yasin, without legal permission in a violent attack and transferring him to a cell.

14.   Putting severe pressure on Master ILIYA to deny himself and his remarkable activities.

15.   Mental torture of Master ILIYA `s wife when she was at the last months of pregnancy to make her husband say what they wanted in a confession film.

16.   Making SPURIOUS, COUNTERFEIT films against our Master and El-Yasin by using montage and HISTRIONICS.

17.   Ordering some grub writers to start cyber war against our Master`s students` weblogs and other supporters of Master ILIYA.

18.   Mental and physical tortures during imprisonment of Master ILIYA and suspicious injections which leaded to his ear, nose and stomach bleeding.

19.   Hidden arrest of some young boys and girls who were all students of Master ILIYA and keeping them in private cells and conducting mental tortures on them.

20.   Putting hidden camera in private rooms of students` house and their private places and threatening to show them to public in order to demolish their face between others.

21.   Repealing the Master`s students to hidden unknown offices and threatening their families.

22.   Prohibiting the cultural activities of our Master in a way that he could not see his students, could not make speeches, could not teach, could not have any relations and interviews, could not do any researches etc.

23.   Hacking and filtering more than 4000 site and weblogs belonging to Master ILIYA`s students and supporters.

24.   Widespread attacks on TV and press and Quam (A religious city) clergymen speeches against our Master.

25.   More than thirty times repealing our Master to Security offices after he was freed on bail of 3 billion Rials. (More than 3 million US Dollars)

26.   Torturing our Master physically in the repealing sessions by hitting him severely with an electric shocker and kicks and punches which caused him to be hospitalized due to skull hit.

And still these violent activities are continuing...

Note: If needed, we can provide all the proves of what we said for your nice consideration.


Dear UN General Secretary,

As you were informed it is more than one year our Master`s file in Ministry of Security has kept reticent and hidden and there is no way to ask for help from human rights organizations and asking for international supports.

Security offices of IRAN tries hard to stop any supports of human rights organizations and Medias from us .Therefore, we are under a great pressure and the situation is completely unfair in a way that it is really hard to report our situation to authorities in IRAN and out of IRAN. We even can not complain to any court. We had complained before to the justice system of IRAN and we have been following our complain but there is no answer from any authority till now.

In the government of president Mahmood Ahmadinejad and his ministers like Mr. Mohseni-ezheie (Minister of security), day to day out we are witnessing the great suppression and detection of believes and mental and physical tortures of thinkers, Human Rights active persons, teachers, university students, workers, religious minorities, and thinking and spiritual leaders of IRAN`s NGOs..

As we have found out your persistence and firm belief on human rights, we ask you to use your international credit, influence and authenticity to reflect our case in public session of UN and be the supporter of not only 200,000 members of El-Yasin NGO, but also all the Iranians who are under pressure and discriminations. And help all Iranians limit and uproot all the cases of offences and violating against human rights in IRAN.

We ask you and demand for putting international pressures and issuing a resolution against the religious Talibanism in IRAN and all the thought butchers of Iranian hidden Security officers and help our great group reach the basic human rights in a way that is mentioned in the human rights declaration.

We believe that:


1.       The instrumental usage of religion in order to reach political goals is worse than any cruel and violent interpretation of Islam and should be condemned by international committees and commissions


2.       Mental and physical tortures which is wildly happen in IRAN in a hidden way should be stopped quickly and the human right criminals of IRAN should be called to competent international courts and must face and answer about their accusations.


3.       All the peaceful groups and populations must have right  to continue working and acting in a  peaceful way, away from any hidden governmental threatening and suppress.


4.       Iranian government must be questioned and must answer about all the cases of offending and violating human rights by all the international societies and commissions and must be forced to respect and retain all the human rights about freedom of thoughts and speech and press.

5.       we believe in pressure on Iranian government because the freedom hangmen of IRAN use the worst and the most misanthropic ways to repress and suppress their opponents and antagonists either in IRAN or out of IRAN and they don't see themselves to be questioned and explain their answers in front of any international council or public thoughts and continue their inhuman actions insolently and impudently.


Best regards and many thanks for your kind attention.

Number of El-Yasin Community members in IRAN




It is written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Article 9: Nobody can be seized, imprisoned, arrested or exiled intractably.

Article 20: Everybody has the right to establish peaceful groups and societies.

And in Iranian Basic law book is obviously declared:

Article 37: It's the rule that nobody is guilty. No one can be defined guilty or criminal towards law except those whose guiltiness is proved in a fair and justice court.



Respected Members of UN Human Rights Council;

European Commission of Human Right affairs;

All News and press offices that cares about Human Rights and affairs

International Amnesty Organization;

And all related person or offices that care about Human Rights Affairs

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