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Unconfirmed Reports Raise Fears: Narges Mohammadi severely beaten before transfer to hospital

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PERSIAN2ENGLISH– According to the Meli Mazhabi website, there are unconfirmed reports that Narges Mohammadi, the 0narges1.jpgDeputy Head of the Defenders for Human Rights Center (DHRC) and the Executive Chairwoman of the National Peace

Council, was severely beaten during clashes that took place nearly two weeks ago among prisoners in Zanjan prison. According to the unconfirmed reports, Mohammadi was transferred to Vali-Asr hospital 11 days ago but eventually transferred to the psychiatric ward in Shahid Beheshti hospital. Meli Mazhabi reports that, without providing an explanation, the Iranian authorities have refused to grant visitation to Mohammadi’s family.

Mohammadi suffers from serious neurological and psychological disorders. She wrote in a recent letter addressed to the Tehran Prosecutor that she was completely healthy prior to her imprisonment in June 2010.

The Committee of Human Rights Reporters released a statement last month issuing a warning against Mohammadi’s grave health. The rights group added: ”Narges Mohammadi is a human rights activist whose focus has been on improving the condition of our society. Such behavior toward a human rights activist is indignant and only damages the honour and reputation of the Iranian Judiciary.”

There are a couple points that may prove the unconfirmed reports to be true:

1. Despite that Narges Mohammadi’s family members make daily attempts to visit her in the hospital, they have not been permitted to see her. The hospital officials have failed to provide any reasonable explanation for their denial of family visits.

2. Narges Mohammadi’s attending physicians have not been allowed to see her in the hospital. Mohammadi’s acute illness requires treatment by specialist physicians. It is very necessary for her to be seen by physicians who are familiar with her case. Narges Mohammadi was illegally transferred to prison Zanjan.

Unfortunately, serious fights often break out among prisoners in the area of Zanjan prison where Mohammadi was held. There were instances when the prison guards had to remove Mohammadi from the ward to prevent her from harm.

Source: Persian Banoo

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