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In the Name of the Truth

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Months before attacking and hacking on the websites of BBC and its staff by undercover security agents, my Facebook account (Nahal Bagheri) was hacked and abused by them.nahal2.png

And, false and absurd contents were sent under my name as the speaker and executive secretary of the Association of Free Thinkers and Researcher to those who knew me somehow and even to the websites’ of government critics to which there was no friendship or enmity between us.

In fact, those undercover security agents behaved according to their usual model, pretending to be a friend and impersonating an opposition of the unholy government apparently insulting to the Islamic Republic of Iran, for instance, they were using the phrase “the government of blood and violence” in their most fake contents.

Specific techniques could be recognized in the content of this recurring cyber-attack:

1-The attack planners’ high interest or focal attention to sex relationship and sexual matters, since most of the attacks were contained either sexual allegations (against the members of the Association of Free Thinkers and Researcher) or some sort of sexual terms and literature.

2- Undercover security agents’ attempts to make a connection between the Association of Thinkers and its instructors, and issues which are critical and problematic in the opposition viewpoint.

3- Creating fear, pessimism, and disunity among oppositions and of course causing multiplied pessimism against the Association of Thinkers and its instructors and supervisors.

4- Existing an offensive, crude, ridiculing, disrespectful literature, and generally the same familiar literature of the interrogators of Ministry of Intelligence that have filled the atmosphere of the interrogation rooms in security Ward 209, according to the statements of all prisoners experienced there. Though, it is not known if they change these components in the future and take a new approach in spreading divisiveness and disunity.

5- Attempting to reduce the supports for political and ideological prisoners and those who are generally the subjects for undercover security agents. For example, in the attacks taken place, the planners were trying to neutralize the supportive activities of some friends of Association of Thinkers defending Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh and her children. Their attempts were done in form of expressing their hatred of Sattar Beheshti’s death (which they were his killers) combined with attributing our friends’ support for political and ideological prisoners (such as Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh) to the government of “blood and violence”!  Facing such incidents, we referred to many international institutions, the FBI and other organizations and achieved very interesting results, for which we suggest all of our familiar or unfamiliar friends throughout the world that if they’ve had similar experience put their priority to refer to the relevant international institutions, the police, and similar organizations, and to disseminate information publicly and widely.

Nahal Bagheri

The speaker of the Association of Free Thinkers and Researcher (EM & MA) in the United States

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