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A Simple Analysis of the Recent Websites Hacking of Elahiyoun Community Elyasin

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I do not know exactly who these hackers are, although it became clear to me and some of my friends [whoanalyzed thenahal.png hackers' attack methods].

We have very strong reasons to support our opinion but still cannot say that 100% who these hackers are. Whoever these [hackers] are, there are some signs and evidence revealing familiar messages:

 1- Exactly similar project has used for most of the civil society activists. It was launched against Master Elia with the repeated features for several 10th times.

2- If there was just a little bit of truth in this security lie, why Elia has spent 400 days, in 4 occasions, in solitary confinement and repeatedly faced death due to deadly tortures? Why there is not a single day in which the clergies are not targeting him by psychological warfare and propaganda in their different gatherings? But we are witnessing demolition job are ongoing against him and other [spiritual] masters (Dalai Lama, Krishnamurti, Osho, …) in different exhibitions and fairs on a daily basis. The worst insults are published against him on the [Iranian] Talibanic Clergies’ media, saying repeated obscenities to him, and subjecting him to harassment and physical assaults even out of the prison. Moreover, He, his followers, and his family have been summoned to the security services in every couple of days.

3- The features of this hacking attacks are exactly similar to those have done by the cyber section of Ministry of Intelligence.


4- We can see the interrogation films and transcripts of at least four imprisoned members of Elahiyoun in which they say one of the tenth requests stated by the integrators was logging in to their friends’ Facebook accounts, weblogs, and websites (as a friend, as an opponent, as a benevolent person, or even as a member of opposition) and raise pessimistic doubts and deviating questions (against Master and his teachings but in favor of the Government) based on a multiple phase program of the interrogators.

One of these people, who were directly assisting with the security agents, has recorded a divulging video in 3 sessions for the Leader of Islamic Republic, after his release. The video was similar to the famous film of Mohammad Asgharinia (the editor-in-chief of “Harekat Dahandegan” magazine (The Motivators)).

5- We have heard about numerous cases of such requests made by undercover security agents to the recently imprisoned members of Elahiyoun Community

6- If this group of hackers are an opposition and a counter-revolutionary group, why they do never have any actual address or even an available internet address? The feature of their acts is similar to the way the Ministry of Intelligence behave. In fact, all different groups, even some of those listed as terrorists who have previously assassinated many of Islamic Government leaders, have offices in different countries and have a central address; even Jundallah had an official speaker. What causes these security agents to afraid so that they do not have an address?

7- Who can this person be while having such motivation, expense, time, patience, energy and doing these and further demolition jobs such as delivering many threatening or divisive text messages to Master Elia’s students in Iran anonymously while their phone number display “no number” to viewers.


8- Do not forget that Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh has been the lawyer of Master Elia’s wife. His wife detained twice by the security agents and then released shortly. She has been summoned to the different security services for tens of times. Therefore, any support of Nasrin Sotoudeh’s children by Elia’s followers is the simplest moral reaction.

Nahal Bagheri


The secretary of Association of Free Thinkers and Researcher

One of the speakers of Elahiyoun Community (Elyasin) in the United States

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