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An open letter of Iranian Journalists in exile to Mahoud Ahmadinejad

His Excellency Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

We are a group of Iranian journalists, photographers and newspaper reporters who have emigrated from our country due to political pressures and the closure of the media outlets we used to work for. We do not currently have a newspaper or a media channel to work for in Iran, however we have a lot of questions to ask you, questions which have been left unanswered during your recent interviews with Western reporters.

 Our colleagues inside Iran are either languishing in prison, freed after posting heavy bails or working under a complete lack of professional safety and work guarantees due to constant threats, warnings and harassment by the security apparatus which often forces them into complete silence.
 After the contested Iranian presidential elections of last year, many ordinary citizens, together with journalists, university students and political activists, have been arrested. Some of them have been fatally hit by bullets during demonstrations. You have since participated in several press conferences. These have been solely attended by media which is aligned to your government: the absence of journalists who are critical towards your administration was evident. These reporters are unable to pose questions to you during your press conferences.


We are journalists who have been deprived from having a newspaper in Iran because of our eagerness to question you. Any other justification by you for a migration on such a vast scale by journalists would not be accepted by any person in a sane frame of mind. No one would accept your explanation for such a large number of journalists leaving their land and their families without a sense of urgency.

 Your refusal to answer this letter or a negative response will raise the following issue within worldwide public opinion: why does the head of the Iranian government run away from answering the questions of journalists from his own country? This behaviour of yours shall raise doubts and questions over your assurances on the existence of full freedom of expression within Iran.

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