Another Round of Interrogation of Elia M.’s Followers

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 -4-5-1.jpgYesterday morning, Monday 3/12/2012 (13/9/1391 in Persian Calendar), another group of students of Elia M. Ramallah (Master Fattah), the president of Association of Free Thinkers and Researchers [EM & MA]), were interrogated at the Bureauof Religions in Ministry of Intelligence and the Security Office of the Police Force.

The summoned members have spoken of the interrogators’ serious profanity and obscenity against Master Elia and his teachings. It is worth pointing out that Elia M. was recently arrested for the 4th time, but released shortly from 209 security ward once again. Previously, this senior mentor of Thinking Methods has spent 400 days in solitary confinement and was subjected to various pressures and tortures proved later on. The most significant allegations against him are based on his books and teachings. Those interested in more information about Elia M., can refer to 91 volumes of books written based on his teachings, the collection of videos, or to the Flow of Divine Guidance and Amen books.  
Nahal Bagheri
Central member of Association of Free Thinkers and Researchers [AM & MA]
One of the speakers of the Elahiyoun Community (Elyasin) in the United States
 4/12/2012 (14/9/1391 in Persian Calendar)