Activists plead for prisoner held in notorious Section 8 of Evin

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One hundred and forty activists have issued a letter expressing concern over the health of political prisoner Amir Amirgholi in Evin Prison and called for his release


The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reported on Sunday April 24 that Amirgholi is in Section 8 of Evin Prison, which is the “worst section” of the facility, and the signatories refer to it as the “new penal colony” for political prisoners

Amirgholi began a hunger strike on April 11 to protest the “lack of hygiene in prison endangering his health”. He has on several occasions demanded to be transferred to the political prisoners’ section in compliance with the principle of separation of offences

The signatories have urged the media to focus attention on his situation

Amirghili was arrested in December of 2014 and after 56 day of interrogations in solitary in the Revolutionary Guards section of Evin Prison, he was transferred to Section 8

He has been sentenced to 21 years in jail for “blasphemy, insulting the leader, assembly and collusion against national security, disrupting public order by attending gatherings and propaganda against the regime”