Nationalist-Religious activist given heavy jail sentence

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Hossein Rafii, a Nationalist-Religious political activist, has been sentenced to six years in jail and he is barred from political and media activity for two years.


A Nationalist-Religious website reports that Rafii was charged with “activity and membership in the Nationalist-Religious Council, propaganda activities against the Islamic Republic regime by giving interviews to anti-regime media and issuing statements threatening security and using satellite equipment”.

The court has referred to the Council of Nationalist-Religious Activists as an “illegal” and “subversive” group.

The report indicates that the council has always tried to keep its activities within the “framework of the law and the Islamic Republic system” and the official condemnation is only aimed at silencing critical voices.

Many National-Religious figures have been arrested and persecuted in recent years, including the late leader of the council, Ezatollah Sahabi, as well as Hoda Saber, Massoud Pedram, Taghi Rahmano, Habibollah Peymon and Mohammad Maleki.