Afghan migrants in Iran face uncertain future

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A delegation from the Afghan government is travelling to Iran to discuss the fate of 760,000 Afghan migrants in Iran, who resident permits may not be renewed and who may face deportationafghanas02.jpg


Reuters reports that the Afghan immigrants who have not applied for asylum were issued a visa six months ago and will be given another 20-day permit until a meeting can be held with the Afghan delegation.

Reuters quoted a Ghandahar government spokesman saying the delegation will try to convince the Iranian government to renew the visas for another year.

Iran reports that more than 840,000 Afghan have applied for asylum in Iran and many are also in Iran with job permits.

According to Iranian government statistics, three million Afghan immigrants live in Iran. The UN has already returned 900,000 immigrant from Iran to Afghanistan and it is predicted that this year only 20,000 of the immigrants would be prepared to relocate to Afghanistan