ISNA journalists detained over coverage of acid attacks

The editor-in-chief of ISNA in Isfahan has been detained by the authorities in connection with the news agency’s coverage of the acid assaults on women10___images_isfahan_acid_protest-600x337.jpg.


Reports indicate that four ISNA staff were originally arrested in this regard, and while two have been released, Editor-in-chief Zahra Mohammadi and the head of ISNA’s society columns, Sanam Farsi, remain in custody.

Last week, ISNA confirmed the arrest of its photographers in connection with its coverage of the public protests against the slow government response to the assaults on women in the city of Isfahan.

ISNA was one of the first media outlets to cover incidents of acid throwing in Isfahan; meanwhile, the authorities have not been able to identify the culprits behind the repeated attacks on women.

The authorities have been critical of overt coverage of the incidents and have been trying to play down the attacks and portray them as the actions of a single individual rather than a reflection of a systematic push to enforce the hijab and Islamic dress code for women.