Health of jailed journalist of growing concern

Akram Mohammadi mother of jailed journalist Saba Azarpeyk reports that her daughters temporary arrest warrant 10___images_saba-azarpeyk2_1345.jpghas been renewed and she has been told not to have much hope to see her daughter released.


Mohammadi told Persian BBC: “They were supposed to release her, but the prosecutor’s office renewed the arrest warrant and when I protested they told me don’t have much hope for her release.”

Azarpeyk was arrested 65 days ago. Her mother reports that she managed to have brief visit with her daughter last week and found her feverish and suffering from severe back pain.

Akram Mohammadi insisted that her daughter has committed no violations and all activities have been within the framework of her responsibilities as a journalist.

Azarpeyk was working for Tejarat weekly magazine at the time of her arrest.