University reprimands morality police for going on-campus


The head of Tehran University of Art, Gholamreza Akrami, says the police do not have the right to enter the university campus, and following a discussion with them, “they have apologized for the recent incident.”


Two days ago, a member of the morality police entered the College of Applied Arts premises and arrested a female student for allegedly wearing an inappropriate outfit that was not in compliance with Islamic hijab.

The Shargh daily reports that Akrami described the incident as follows: “The Ershad Patrol (morality police) reprimands her for her outfit and she enters the campus. Then the patrol also enters the campus, and this causes the university security to stop the patrol officer, which leads to tension.”

The head of the morality branch of the police force, Taghi Arfand, is quoted as saying that investigations indicate the conflict was between a police officer and four university guards. He added that the causes of the conflict are still under investigation.

The Ershad Patrol is a branch of the police force that patrols public spaces for people who do not comply with the Islamic rules around clothing, or hijab.