The second manifesto of El-Yasin Community- 2009

In the name of truth and freedom
The second manifesto of El-Yasin Community- 2009

Despite of passing 50 days from second illegal arrest and imprisonment of Master Iliya Ramollah on Jan 16th, 2009, the security agents of DARRM still do not give permission to his family visit him.
The news leaked out of 209 ward of Evin prison signifies that he is bleeding again. Last year his bleeding started when he was in Evin prison and it continued for months. It is said that the cause of the bleeding was suspicious injections.

Based on heard news, the prohibition of not visiting him by DARRM is either because of his critical health condition and the fear of provoking his students if the news spread out or it is because of his hunger strike.

The news of his bleedings worries his advocates and friends and they are very upset by the inhumane cruel measures of DARRM and there are whispers of new and proper reaction to these tyrannies.

We, members of El-Yasin, are greatly worried that his critical health condition is a sign showing his dossier has passed into an illegal and undefined stage and this can cause unpredictable reactions of his students in Iran or out of Iran.

Also in last few days, the El-Yasin official spokeswoman, Mrs. Mitra Hajinajafi, and four other members of El-Yasin were arrested. And according to recent news, they were faced with illegal acts of DARRM such as “solitary confinement”, “assault and battery”, “severe mental tortures” and “being blindfolded continually” in the interrogations.

Apart from these, summons and long repeated interrogations of Master Iliya`s wife has increased during last few days.

We, members of El-Yasin, hold DARRM and hidden supports of this security service department responsible and culpable for Master Iliya`s critical health condition and we condemn inhumane measures of DARRM.

We ask for trial and penalty of the people who are in charge of these illegal arrests, repeated violation of human rights and conspiracy against Master Iliya`s life.

We ask all the relevant legal institutions and high ranking authorities of Islamic Republic of Iran for quick consideration of Master Iliya`s health condition and his case in order to stop the injustice and the cause of this growing crisis which will have heavy costs.

Greetings to Divine Guidance followers
Some of the representatives of El-Yasin, March 7, 2009