The confidential letter to the leader of Iran

In the name of God
My name is Peyman Fattahi in birth certificate but people know me as Elias (Iliya) Ramollah. It is the name I know myself, too. I have been under the most dreadful strange tortures in 209 section of Evin prison and I was asked constantly to deny my past and all my activities and achievements to rescue my students, my wife and my family from death and severe tortures in prison. They asked me to write confessions about my purposes, my morality, and my financial affairs based on what the interrogators dictated to me.

I was being told to keep silent about my bloody vomits and intensive bleeding which lasted more than five months. I was asked to speak in a film as they had dictated me to at times, all of which they claimed was an order from you, the Islamic leader. They asked me to go through rehearsals but it was not done at last.
They asked me to call it a mistake inviting people to Islam and Quran since their religion would be under my control.      
They told me to send messages to clerics -Rohaniat- and say what they wanted.
They emphasized several times that this film is as a blank cheque signed by you for Islamic system and Islamic leader.
They said that the Islamic government and the Islamic leader have requested such a film from you and it is like a lock which its key is in the Moslem's leader's hands. It is months that these sayings are widely discussed among people and Internet Sites.
I had to write that I did not have any complaints and they had treated me well and I had to say things in my telephone conversations to my wife or the guard men based on what they wanted me in their plan.
Based on the key sentences they gave to me I have to say "I had a holy goal and my purposes were good but my way was wrong. I thought that end justifies the means" whenever meeting the higher ranks of authorities of Islamic government.
I have to tell people that I have lied to them, that I was corrupted. But all through the six months of torture, and unlike several emphasis of mine, they could not find even one lie or guilt in my past and they have told me that I myself should discover such things in my future life.
Under the most severe tortures, I had to write a critical book on myself and write compliments to the book my enemies had written against me.
Playing with my private family films and photos and offending my wife and relatives were the least of mental tortures on me.
The interrogators made me write hundred pages of inquiry day and night and told me that they only show some chosen sentences of these pages to authorities.
I had to sign some pages by force without seeing the contents and if I disobeyed my students and my wife and child would be in serious dangers. They said to me proudly that they are the masters of fabrication and montage.
Days and nights, I was under tortures to confess that I do not have Godly knowledge, I am not prophet or Imam, while denying these delusions was what I have done during twenty years.
As what they – those who introduced themselves as the government- wanted I had to say to people "I am Satan, I am trickster, I do weird things with satanic power and I am crazy and conjurer". In the name of Islam and Islamic government, they asked me to bow and kiss the feet of the interrogators which called themselves "Ghotb-ol-aghtab"[1].
I had to say that the news about future, about the thirty-three-day war of Hezbollah, Bam earthquake and other earthquakes, September eleven and other incidents that I had said to people many years ago and were published in Tafakor Moteali[2], Harkat Dahandegan[3], Oloume Bateni[4] and other magazines [published by El-yasin Community] , Satan or foreigners has told to me .
I had to answer questions about the most private affairs of people especially those of sexual nature. They gave me two names and insisted that I had illicit relations with them. But some days later, they said to me those names did not exist at all and "you lied to us".
During six months, more than twenty five times they told me "We accept you have saved thousands of people from godlessness but you have rescued them from sea and left them alone in desert".
"We know you had godly purposes but it is our duty to interpret everything pessimistically based on previous inquiries and report our interpretations to those above us. You have to confess that you are going to claim you are Messiah and deliberately liken yourself to Messiah and Luther king."
They said you should take Kianoori and Ehsan Tabari as examples and repent. They said "Repent, then we will dismiss charges of heresy and atheism against you and your students ".
I said "what should I repent about?"  They said "It does not make any difference. Repent about what you want. Say you have misused people and your purpose was satisfying your carnality and abuse."  I said "If you show me only one of my misuses or legal disobeys, I would accept thousand times more than them." They said" Finally one day you will understand…"
One of the interrogators came to me on Imam Ali`s birthday and asked me to forgive him and said "The problem is that we have no evidence to prove you are guilty or have committed a crime. If you yourself confess a crime or guilt of yours in the past, every thing will be solved" He swore to God. He said "I am doubtful about the reason why we are told to keep you so I have gone through some search myself".
Every where and with every existing possible methods, they disgraced me and said defending myself, would mean opposing the government.
To keep my friends alive and preventing their imprisonment and according to the requests of whole Islamic government as they said, I have to write and publish a book against myself and my thoughts quickly.
I have to say that others have provided all of my speeches for me, and lessons I have taught during these twenty years were not mine and I have not written my books. I should not have any contacts with my students. I have to say to people "My purpose was not God and God's work and serving God but my carnality.” I have to say I have had financial and moral guilt despite they have told me several times they are sure I do not have any guilt but told me they have to provide a satisfactory answer to their chives and superiors. I have to say all the documentaries recorded from people and thousands of experiences people have had and thousands of people's dreams were delusions.
The mission they have given to me on your behalf briefly is as followed:
"The Islamic government asks you to make people suspicious and doubtful and make your students deny you. Tell people the sentences we have written for you".
They said to me several times they have turned the authorities against me, the key to their minds is in their hand and they are able to do what they want. And said they have introduced me and El-Yasin more dangerous and worse than Bahaies, Mojaheds and Communists. They said because they had sent reports and inquiries to authorities they can not take what they have said back.
God is not my only witness but also there are thousands of witnesses and achievements. Also there are many witnesses to affirm what was told about Islamic leader and the government.
In formal sessions in prison, the interrogators treated us legally. They brought witnesses and wrote and recorded the sessions but it was in informal sessions that those things happened when no witness was present.
For filming the sessions, they brought four witnesses but all those happenings were finished days before and that day was a complete fabrication. Next, I saw a fabricated version of the film, though of little worth, in a worst deceptive possible way with parts used to display most devious lies.
In the last month of my confinement they asked me to forgive them and said to me "there are no specific charges. However you may have some hits of lash in order to change your mind and thoughts". They told me about a confidential bulletin and a montage version of film and said I would deny myself if I myself watched them. They said "Your property belongs to the Islamic government but if you want we can give you money, land, governmental power if you want but just in case you deny your past and quit what you did before''.
They don’t know the majority of things I have done before and what they know is that little amount I have told them myself. Their recognition of me and El-Yasin Community is like the recognition of “Hakha[5]” from Islamic Republic of Iran. They asked me several times to leave Iran and provoked me to commit suicide, encouraged me to go to mental hospital or to react excitedly or inimically towards the Islamic government. "We have blemish and defame you among the security authorities, and law people and the leader's family in a way that if you go to them they would arrest you" they said.
I am neither afraid to be disgraced for God nor to be imprisoned. There is no fear in me from tortures or execution, as I have experienced the worst tortures before, but what I ask you, as I have asked you during last years, is help the thousands of Moslem young people who are mostly nonreligious. These are being deterred from Islam, they are labeled and given unrealistic sectarian identities by DARRM while authorities are being justified differently.  
Today, many members of El-Yasin Community are in deep fear due to several threats of prison and death they receive.
If they burn me in fire or if, as they said, shoot my friends and my family to death, I will not deny my God, my faith, my past, thousands of signs and achievements, saving thousands of God-ignorant people, and countless graces and blessings of God.
I welcome denying myself and destroying myself if it is good for my religion but I have asked my ever present mighty God for help against injustice, cruelty and tyranny, against lies and slander, fabrications and forgery and propaganda.
The actions of DARRM agents have caused things to multiply in different dimensions and there are documents to prove them. Of course they insist that I don’t speak about it.
Today, Islam has thousands of young experts who think and plan but it is years that ignorant unwise friends are trying to perish them. And unfortunately they have succeeded to some extent.
During past twenty years, more than anything I was known among people in Iran and other countries as a man whose words are completely based on truth and I have never stepped out of honesty and truthfulness. If even one word in this letter is false, I will be ready to do anything and ready to accept any accusations.
Obedient and servant of God,
Elias Ramollah (Fattahi)

[1]  Ghotb is what is called Avatar or the embodiment of God in human body
[2]  Excellent Thinking
[3] Motivators
[4] Esoteric Knowledge
[5] A notorious liar who claimed wrong things about Islamic Republic